Chance The Rapper Shares Release Date For New Album

Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper is close to releasing his next album which he recently confirmed during a Instagram post.

During a shopping spree with his girlfriend, Chance The Rapper recorded a video to share some details of the albums release. Chance explained that he has been enjoying life and is also about to get married whilst his upcoming album is scheduled to drop on July.

“I’m just thinking man, like, this is my fourth year… it was the fourth year anniversary of the open mic that I… that my team, SocialWorks has been holding down for the past few years, I’m about to get married. So many things gonig on and I been making music.” says Chance in the clip (below)

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Chance’s manager also confirmed the album in a tweet. Chance’s next album will be a follow up from his full-length solo, Coloring Book which released back in 2016.

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