Export Administrator

Key Performance Indicators will include, but not limited to;
Receives confirmed sales order or proforma invoice and ensures all requirements for Customer to import complies to the regulations of their governing bodies, and ensures all requirements are met for the export out of South Africa.
Tariffing of items
Consignment Based Conformity Assessment verification is checked and noted for the sales to load orders, and warehouse to pick and pack.
Calculates freight, inspection invoice, document fees are added to each commercial invoice
Incoterms are noted and ensure VAT is either ZERO rated or VAT payable.
Preparation of Export
Works with the various distribution centers to ensure all orders are picked, packed, checked, and tripped.
Liaises with forwarding/clearing agent to collect and consolidate order/s in and around South Africa.
Confirms and cross checks tax invoices created against proforma invoice/sales order.
Creates a commercial invoice and packing list for the export of the shipment
Completes all relevant documents over and above the commercial invoice and packing list (e.g.)
SADC certificates
Inspection forms
Export Clearing Instruction
Record Keeping
Pulls through all sales figures from the previous day, ensures all invoices are linked to an export file.
Conforms to all rules and regulations according to the SARS and SARB rules and regulations on record keeping.
Ensures all documents received from the forwarding/clearing agent ties up to the export.
Checks and confirms all charges from the forwarding/clearing agent ties up to the commercial invoice.
Updates Export register will all relevant information according to Company policies.
Confirms finance have updated all Customer payments made link to the export file.
Upload agents’ invoice on system for finance to make payment based on statement.
Audit and discrepancies
Resolves all over and under supply immediately according to policy and follows through to ensure all corrections are made by means of invoice, or credit note
Attends to all SARS, and Customers governing bodies queries regarding stock moving over border
Confirms all KPI are met about movement of cargo with forwarding/clearing agent
Answer emails and communicate regarding all requests and queries
Filing needs to be done daily ensuring all documents are filed as per SARS and SARB rules and regulations.
Copies all relevant SARS and agent documents are filed on the cloud
Archiving is done through Metro-file once a year and 5 years of documents are kept.
Current files on the premises are 18 months

Grade 12 Matric
Basic understanding of Imports and Exports-Essential
Basic accounting processes
Multitasking skills
Excellent computer skills
Excel advanced-Essential
Teamwork and ability to work under pressure
Attention to detail – accuracy
Incoterms 2010 and 2020
Clear criminal record