PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATION: FREE STATEDEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SETTLEMENTFree State Provincial Government is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer. It is our intentionto promote representatively (race, gender and disability) in the Province through the filling of these postsand candidates whose appointment/promotion/transfer will promote representatively will receivepreference. The Department reserves the right not to fill a position.

APPLICATIONS : Addressed to Head:Human Resource Management Directorate, Human Settlements.P.O Box 247,Bloemfontein9300or Applications that are handdelivered must be brought to the foyer of OR Tambo House, St. AndrewsStreet, Bloemfontein, where they must be placed in the appropriately markedbox at Security on Ground Floor.No applications will be accepted by staff inoffices in the building.

CLOSING DATE : 23 September 2021 Time 16H00

NOTE : Directions to applicants: Applications must be submitted on a new Z.83 form of2021, obtainable from DPSA website or any Public Service department andmust be accompanied by copies of qualifications, driver’s license, identitydocument and a C.V. (Separate application for every vacancy). Applicants arerequested to complete the Z83 form properly and in full. Attached documentsneed not be certified copies when applying for a post, only short-listedcandidates for a post will be required to submit certified documents on or beforethe day of the interview following communication from HR.

Candidates whopossess foreign qualifications and/or short courses certificates must take itupon themselves to have their qualifications evaluated by the South AfricanQualifications Authority (SAQA), and must please attach proof of the level oftheir qualifications after evaluation on all applications. No e-mailed or faxedapplications will be considered. Applications received after the closing date andthose that do not comply with these instructions will not be considered. Theonus is on the applicants to ensure that their applications are posted or handdelivered timeously. Applicants are respectfully informed that if no notificationof appointment is received within 4 months of the closing date, they mustaccept that their application was unsuccessful.,Advertised on Dpsa circular 29 of 2021

REGISTRY CLERKREF NO: HS 37/2021(X3 POSTS)SALARY : R173 703 per annum (Level 05), All-inclusive remunerative package consistingof basic salary.CENTRE : Bloemfontein


Senior Certificate, exposure in a related field will be advantageous. ComputerLiteracy.


Provide an effective and efficient messenger service to ensure the correct andeffective communication of messages and ensure that all mail andcorrespondence is fetched and delivered on a daily in line with the needs of theCorporate Services Department. Render a photocopying service to the officeof the corporate services. Ensure that all documents are filed and kept safelyin line with the departmental registry system to enhance easy access toinformation. Register incoming mail to ensure record of receipt. Operate thefacsimile machine to ensure prompt receipt of documents. Operate andmaintain the Office’s file index and administration system to enable quicktracking and retrieval of information. Organize storage of records to keep thefiling system in order. Manage in order to ensure adherence to regulations.Keep inventory of office furniture and equipment of the office to ensure properusage. Liaise in consultation with the Chief Registry Clerk in the DepartmentRegistry Services Unit with Free State Archives to ensure compliance witharchives acts and regulations. Introduce and maintain an electronic filingsystem.ENQUIRIES : Ms. K.E. Selai Tel No: 051 405 5014